I am so ticked. I practically invented this and now it's a 'thing'.  When I was a kid, I went to may cousins house where we spawned a version of this game.  He had the metal ring of an above ground pool.  It looked basically like a gladiator arena to us, so we did the logical thing, we invented a dangerous sport.  Basically it was simple, we soaked a tennis ball in gasoline, put on welding helmets and asbestos welding gloves then threw flaming tennis balls at each other.  It was fun until my cousin when to dodge the ball and the flaming projectile hit him in the side of his unprotected head (yeah, his hair caught fire).  More after the jump.

The beauty of slow motion is you really get to 'see' the physics of what's going on.  Watch as the "slo-mo guys' start firing flaming tennis balls with their racket.  It's some pretty cool stuff.  Check it out: