March 1st was Texas Tech Day at the Capitol in Austin. So Representative Dustin Burrows shared an old Texas Tech promotional film from 1947.

Watch this film before you read on. Pay careful attention to the parade portion, around 1:45 into the film.

Did you see that? There were people, probably Tech students, portraying what appears to be Egyptians of some sort maybe? They are fully blackened from head to toe, wearing what appears to be either a loin cloth made out of cloth diapers. That's not really shocking. But wait. Texas Tech didn't allow African Americans until 1961! So those are white people. painted black. Not just black face, but black everything!

Here I did a screen shot for you.

Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University
Texas Tech University

That's not good. That's REALLY not good. Of course this was 1947, and America wasn't integrated then either. And take a look at our campus today and you can tell right away that Texas Tech is a very multi-cultural university. But this might be why most of us have never seen this particular film. Not really a positive mark for our school. thanks for trying Mr. Burrows, but next time you might want to watch the video before you post it.

There is an upside though! And I'll post again about all of the positive and cool things you can see in this video tomorrow. Until then, don't be racist!

Here's Representative Burrows' original post if you wanted to see it.