Lubbock now has a new option for a tall cold one, and a basket full of fresh, hot eats. Hub City Brews is now open at 7706 Milwaukee Ave, formerly Toro Burger Bar which closed back in June. As sad as it is to see one business flounder, the silver lining in that something new and exciting gets to take its place and I'm glad that space is now occupied.

Also-don't confuse Hub City Brews with Hub City Brewery, which closed back 2014. That location went on to become the now iconic Triple J's Chophouse.

Hub City Brews has, from what I counted, 24 different beers and ciders on tap and an excitingly eclectic appetizers menu that features everything from meatballs to queso, and pickle fries to cheese curds. I'm so happy Lubbock is finally catching on to cheese curds.

Additionally, Hub City Brews has plenty to keep you busy beyond beer and food- games like Golden Tee, Big Buck Hunter, darts, Jenga, and more.

Photo by Paloma A. on Unsplash
Photo by Paloma A. on Unsplash

Do you know where the word "pub" comes from? It's from "public house," which is a pretty good indication of what a bar/ pub should be. A place to meet up with friends and possibly even meet new people. I'm glad to see this "pub" in a spot that doesn't have a high concentration of them- like The Depot or near Tech. Other parts of town deserve their neighborhood bar, too. And with plenty to do there besides just imbibing, it seems like a great place to socialize.

Cheers to Hub City Brews!


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