Lubbock has a lot of restaurants, particularly in a few categories: pizza, tex-mex, and definitely burgers. This reality probably doesn't ease the blow for fans of Toro Burger Bar, which has closed according to signage posted on their building. Because Toro Burger was incredibly unique and different from any other burger place I've seen. We've lost something unique.

The sign didn't elaborate on the reason for the closing, it simply states:

Thank you for 5 years Lubbock!!! Come see us if you're in El Paso!

According to their website, Toro Burger has three locations in El Paso, one in Horizon City, and one in Juarez Mexico. However, you might not have to travel quite that far to experience many of the same unique flavors.

Wing Daddy's (7706 Milwaukee Ave) which is adjacent to Toro Burger, is still open and features some shared menu items- as both concepts are owned by the same owners. Wing Daddy's features wings (of course) with 22 different sauces, in addition to decadent appetizers, seafood, salads, and yes, even burgers. I'd be remiss not to mention the whacky and fun cocktails- I got a margarita with gummy sharks there. It's like they know me. 

Lubbock has seen a slew of closures over the last few weeks. It seems to be a deadly combination of folks pulling back on spending (I know I had to), difficulty finding employees, and astronomical supply costs. It could also just be part of a "correction" for Lubbock, as we are seemingly saturated with restaurants and new ones seem to open all the time.

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