Chris Beard is probably really flattered that everyone in Lubbock loves him so much that they are willing to offer him the shirt off of their back to keep him here, but guys, he doesn't need your free stuff. He's loaded.

Instead, local businesses could donate their food or time to an organization that actually needs it. As much as Coach Beard may love your chicken wings, I imagine there are some hungry people out there that would benefit a little bit more than he would from the free grub.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of the guy, too. I got the chance to meet him backstage when I opened for Steve Trevino and he was perfectly nice. He even told me I was funny, and he definitely didn't have to do that. It's clear that the city of Lubbock loves him enough to offer him everything but their firstborn child to get him to stay on as the head coach of men's basketball at Texas Tech and not move to Austin to take over the Longhorns' basketball program.

But nothing says America quite like giving a millionaire more free stuff.

Coach Beard seems like the kind of guy who would want to pay for his food even if it was offered to him for free. I imagine we could do a lot of good in our surrounding community by making donations in his name. Whether it's volunteering your time, your money or your old clothes, I'd encourage you to make a donation in Coach Beard's name instead of offering him something he doesn't actually need. You can take a photo of your receipt, post it on social media and tag him.

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