Crafty veteran and all around hustler Chris Jericho took some time to stop by the FMX studios and pulled some serious strings to get country music legend Mac Davis on the phone for a quick interview.

We had a blast with Fozzy, THC and Shaman's Harvest this past Saturday night, and if you missed this show then you really missed out on a great time.

There are so many shows that we see where it is almost a let down when your favorite band come into town and give a mediocre show. This was not the case with Fozzy.

From the moment Chris Jericho first took the stage until he stepped off, he was 100 percent on and delivered a great show. Even while battling some technical issues, Jericho never once showed any signs of frustration and continued without skipping a beat.

Chris Jericho is seriously one of the best in-studio guests I have ever had, and you can see how much fun we had below when Mac Davis "called in."