When I was a kid, I remember really wanting to have a more normal family. It's not that they were a bad family or a broken family; it's that I was raised by two oddballs and there was no way around it.

We built snow dogs instead of snowmen when I was a kid. The snowdog tradition started with my eldest brother and my dad. They decided to make a Snoopy one year, and decades later, we still try to get out and make one when there is enough snow on the ground.

My dad gets some shoe polish out and puts spots and a face on the dog, and then we all stand back and try to decide if it actually looks like a dog or not.

Some years were better than others. The photo above was clearly not the greatest.

Another strange tradition in the Covington household is one that I'm almost certain no other family participates in. When I was a kid, my dad blamed any weird noise I heard in our old, creaky attic on a moose that lived up there. I was completely convinced that we had an 'attic moose,' and my parents kept up the ruse by giving me Christmas presents from the moose dwelling in our attic each year.

Some families open an early present on Christmas Eve, but my parents never participated. It drove me insane. Most of my friends were opening a present on Christmas Eve, meanwhile, I was standing under the attic door, pleading with an imaginary moose for an early present.

Do you have any weird traditions like mine? Share yours in a comment below on the FMX Facebook page or via the chat button in our app. We'll share the best of the crazy holiday traditions with our listeners next week on-air.

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