Lubbock Citibus is offering free rides for New Year's Eve, from 8 pm tonight until 3 am tomorrow. Instead of worrying about how to get your weird drunk friend home, you can just put them on the Citibus and hope for the best!

No need to drive your car tonight. Even if you aren't participating in the holiday's festivities with a healthy dose of booze, there is still danger on the road from those who refuse to take others' safety into consideration. Stay home as much as possible and avoid driving altogether if you can.

If you get into a situation and need a safe and free ride home, just call up our friends at Citibus, (806)775-3640 or download the Citibus app, and enter promo code "NYE2021" to schedule a ride.

2020 has been a pretty cruddy year for everyone, not just here in Lubbock, but all over the world. New Year's Eve is one of the most dangerous nights of the year out on the road, so please remember to stay home and stay alive. We can end 2020 on a high note if we all work together to keep each other safe.

Enjoy your New Years' Eve at home. Eat all the black-eyed peas, get all the midnight kisses, and drink all of the liquor in sight. We wouldn't have it any other way, but also, take care of one another and let's get ready to rock on in 2021.

Don't forget, Citibus is handing out free sober rides, so use them!

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