I've been a huge fan of Kenan Thompson since I was a kid. He announced this morning on Facebook that he is getting a star on The Hollywood Walk Of Fame. He deserves that star, and I'm honestly surprised he didn't have one yet.

Thompson's smile in that photo is absolutely contagious. The professionalism with which he has carried himself throughout his career is something to be admired. He always appears so well-rehearsed on Saturday Night Live, and why wouldn't he be? Everything leading him to this point in his career is a testament to the years he has put into honing his craft.  All That, Kenan & Kel, The Mighty Ducks, Good Burger, and so many other killer performances have set the stage for him to absolutely kill it on SNL, something he has been doing since 2005. He truly made life-long fans that grew up right there with him, just on the other side of the television.

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You don't ever see controversies in the news involving Kenan Thompson. He seems to keep his home life pretty private. When I started looking into his background today, I learned that he actually refused to play any more black women on SNL in 2013, demanding that they hire black female actors instead. What a total badass.

I figured we have enough 90s kids out there to appreciate the fact that Kenan was finally given a star on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame. Not only was he a wonderful role model for all of us when we were young, but he also continues to carry himself with grace and still cracks us all the hell up. Truly a class act.

Congratulations on a well-deserved star, Kenan! Thank you for continuing to be so damn wholesome and hilarious.

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