Thursday, September 16th, Mario 'Superstar' Salazar will be telling a ton of hilarious jokes at Raider's Axe Gallery & Entertainment. He graciously added me as an opener to his show, along with comedians Steven Sosa and Rafa Molina. It's going to be a fantastic time, and I am incredibly excited and honored to be part of it all. Everything gets started around 7 pm.

Raider's Axe Gallery & Entertainment is located at 1408 Ave. F and is BYOB, which is one of my favorite things about this new hot spot for comedy, music, and entertainment. Axe throwing won't be going down during the comedy sets, because...LOUD, but you are welcome to go for it, before or after the performance. It's a great place to take the edge off of your busy week, or perhaps just to picture your ex, as your hurtle sharp objects at targets. Mmmm. Refreshing.

Mario Superstar Salazar
Mario Superstar Salazar
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Grab your favorite brews, and come out for the festivities. Tickets are only $12 for general admission, but if you really want to hang out with Mario, I would suggest getting the $22 VIP ticket. You can purchase them ahead of time online here, or you can buy them on Thursday when you arrive. Salazar is headed straight to the top. He has been touring all over the United States, opening for major comedians, as well as selling out his own shows. His fight videos are one of my favorite things to watch, so I'll share one below with you. You'll definitely be able to catch his vibes, and if you don't already love him, you will soon be just as big of a fan.

I met Mario when I was asked to be an opener for Steve Trevino at the brand new, beautiful, Buddy Holly Hall when he came through on a big tour in January. It was one of the highlights of my life, and watching Mario perform was truly a joy. He's a pro, and you'd better come out and say hello to him before he gets that Netflix special. You won't be sorry.

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