I'm amazed how people can have a couple of strong opinions and those opinions are in direction opposition to each other.  If you point out the contradiction to them, they'll accuse you of not understanding or getting it.  What I'm getting at is that there is a nice size segment of the population that believes both a. that the government is a big, clumsy, inefficient organization that can't get any thing done, and b. that the government is capable of giant conspiracies.  More after the jump.


Do you know that there are people who believe that the headquarters for a 'one world government' are hidden under the new Denver airport?  Even worse, do you know that there are people that think the government arranged the Aurora and Sandy Hook shootings in order to take your guns?  These numbnuts preach about the day the "black helicopters from the U.N." come in to claim the "new world" for the "central banks".  Now, how can anything as cumbersome, contentious and fraught with ineptness be capable of pulling any of this nonsense off? The answer is, it can't.  Oh, I'm sure there is some skullduggery out there but not to any great extent.  The folks that put this stuff out there have a vested interest in making the world sound like a Tom Clancy novel.

I like to believe in the best in people.  I believe most realize that we get one spin on this earth and making it rough on others makes life less fun for everybody.  I think the few sociopaths are the ones that get off on instilling fear in people.  I believe most people who work from the government do so because a. the truly want to help people, or b. it was the job they were able to get.  I don't believe c. they got the job to enslave the world and live in an underground bunker.

The human brain is an amazing thing.  I think we all have a built in bullcorn detector.  Conspiracy theories make mine go off every time. Don't give the morons who spread them the time of day.

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