Are you looking for some yummy ideas for dinner tonight? How about trying to incorporate every single one of the 15 official foods of Texas into your meal? Do you think you could do it? A true Texan TOTALLY could!

Take a look at the gallery below and add these Wild West faves to your grocery list. If you manage to get them all into one meal, I'd LOVE to have a photo and feature you in my next article.

These Are the 15 Official Foods of Texas

If you haven't tried all of these, you'd better hurry up and do it before I tell Texas on you!

Gallery Credit: Chrissy

Are you up for the challenge? If you manage to get every single item on this list into a meal at your house tonight, email me at and I'll feature you in a story! Send me some photos and tell me how the meal turned out! Good luck!

Keep scrolling for more Texas-based fun in the galleries below!

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