Lubbock's Alamo Drafthouse (120 W Loop 289) doesn't shy away from the weird and the wonderful, the obscure, the art-house, the bleeding edge, and the sublime.

This Saturday, September 21st, Alamo Drafthouse will host a screening of the critically acclaimed anime Millennium Actress:


While it includes plenty of wonderful films with giant robots, supernatural powers, and futuristic worlds, anime is an art form that spans a wide variety of genres and explores every corner of the human experience. One of the most exquisite examples of anime’s multitudes is Satoshi Kon’s MILLENNIUM ACTRESS.

This elegant drama follows two documentary filmmakers who interview a retiring actress, Chiyoko Fujiwara, for a career retrospective. As she tells her story, the film blurs the lines between fantasy and reality in a way that only anime can, heightening its thematic resonance while crafting a loving portrait of cinema itself.

Chock-full of the same visual splendor as his previous masterpiece PERFECT BLUE, Satoshi Kon’s MILLENNIUM ACTRESS is a drama unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and a perfect illustration of the power of anime.

To purchase tickets, head over to Alamo Drafthouse's official website. 

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