As with everybody these days the city of Lubbock is looking to tighten it's belt a bit, but I think they are looking in the wrong place.  It's well known that Lubbock has one of the highest std rates ANYWHERE, so why would you do anything to make the situation worse.  Read more after the break.

It's being widely reported that the city is looking at possibly layoffs as well as discontinuing immunization and std clinics at the Lubbock Health Department.  At the root of the problem is grants from the state expiring.  The mayor is quoted as saying the some of the programs will still be funded elsewhere.

Does this strike you guys as an extremely bad idea? Do we really want to make it harder for kids to get shots?  And what about the already embarrassing std rate around here? I'm married and plan on staying that way but I still don't like the thought of a bunch of people running around with crotch rot.  There's certain things you wish on your worse enemy and a case of  leaky-peepee is considered too cruel to even think about.  It'll be just a matter of time before you have to watch where you step due to all of the rotten wieners that have fell to the ground.

Nobody likes cutting programs, and nobody likes their programs being cut, but to cut funds in an area where we already have a GIANT problem seems a little off target to me.

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