Even if Marvel’s TV and movies are “different universes,” one would think Peter Parker had heard about another red-suited vigilante patrolling the roofs of New York. Still, as much as we want the Netflix Defenders to join their silver-screen counterparts, don’t expect Spider-Man: Homecoming to pay any lip-service to Daredevil.

We know, we know, Marvel movies and TV are run by different entities, and production schedules rarely align to the point that storytellers can be certain whether character references make sense. Still, the rich history of Daredevil and Spider-Man team-ups can’t be overlooked (Vincent D’Onofrio certainly agrees), and it’s worth wondering whether Homecoming might catch wind of any other non-Iron heroes hanging around New York.

CinemaBlend took the question to co-producer Eric Carroll, but unfortunately ol’ Hornhead isn’t on Spidey’s radar:

[Daredevil’s] not specifically referenced in this movie, no. I think that’s something we all think would be really fun, and it’s definitely a card I would love to see played, if not sooner rather than later. But as of now, it’s not referenced in this movie.

Granted, it would take a Homeland-style conspiracy board to figure out when any of the TV and movies are supposed to take place in relation to one another, and Matt Murdock’s relatively short costumed career appears on hold by The Defenders anyway. There’s also the matter of Spider-Man’s already-complicated rights between Sony and Marvel, let alone the potential to add TV characters, when Spidey himself might not be long for the MCU.

We dare to dream that Marvel TV and movies can collaborate the way Star Wars seems to, but stay tuned for more on Spider-Man: Homecoming and Daredevil’s future in the meantime.

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