The headline to this story is patently false, but since Mustaine feels free to make wild accusations about others, why don't we spread a few about him?  How about "Dave Mustaine Eats Babies?"  Or "Dave Mustaine Likes To Bath In His Own Urine."  Mustaine has taken whatever good music Megadeth has made and thrown his band's legacy in the crappy with his recent comments.

I would like to note that this is based on an original post by Rooster, there's a link to his story below.

Now, I've included the video so don't tell me the comments were taken out of context.  On stage in Singapore, Mustaine claimed that the President staged the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, and at the Sikh Temple so that he could enact gun laws. Seriously? Somehow the President convinced two crazy white men to go on shooting rampages?  When did it become okay to accuse other humans, even Presidents, of crap like this?  The Dixie Chicks were basically ruined for saying they were "embarassed" by the current President, yet this Cheeto-Headed Douchenozzle can say the President is conducting 'murder for hire' operations and it's okay?

Take your politics and throw them out the window. It's NOT OKAY to pop off with BS like this.  There is no crime more heinous than murder. After being murdered, the person does not get a chance to heal, or get over it, they're one spin on this planet is OVER. For Mustaine to make these comments is completely unacceptable and if he made them about anybody else outside of politics he'd be sued for slander and lose. And all of this coming from a supposed "Christian" man. What a joke.

So Mr. Mustaine, please take my copy of "Countdown To Extinction"  autograph it "with love to Wes," then shove it up your ass.

Here's the video, if you can handle this souless assbag rambling you'll find the quote about 2/3rds way through.