Rockers are accustomed to fans fawning over them. But that didn't stop Disturbed frontman David Draiman from voicing his surprise after a woman in Midland, Texas tossed her sizable bra on stage during their show.

"Jesus Christ, is that from you," Draiman asked an audience member after picking up the bra. "Ladies and gentlemen, just scope this over-the-shoulder boulder holder over here!"

"I had to stop for a second, this is crazy. Thank you. This is wonderful. I'm going to go ahead and sterilize this and put this in the back," Draiman continued. "I want you to know, this woman's boobs are so big she could solve world hunger, it's f---ing ridiculous."

"Ladies and gentlemen, if your children are hungry after the show please see this young woman up here," Draiman concluded.

Later on during the show, the singer thanked the woman by handing her a t-shirt. And we're hoping no one actually approached her after the show about feeding their kids.

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