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Seether, who are about to drop a new single called "Judas Mind", have inked a Lubbock date coming up this October. We have been fans of this band forever and a day. Just think of the songs, "Fine Again", "Driven Under",  "Gasoline", "Broken", "Remedy", "Truth", "The Gift", "Fake It", "Rise A Above This", "Country Song", "Tonight", "Words As Weapons", "Same Damn Life", "Let You Down", "Dangerous" and that's just SOME of the radio singles they've issued. The fact of the matter is, at some point you've had a favorite Seether song or two.

On The Bill

Seether is stacking the bill a bit with Skillet, T.B.A. and Royale Lynn. It's gonna be a long night of rock, so you're probably going to want to take the next day off, or suck it up and head to work like you did in the old days. This show will be outdoors and it should be a cool Fall night under the stars.

All The Rest

The show will be Tuesday, October 8th. Yup, it's a Tuesday, but bands have to play when they can play. I think you can tough one out to check out Seether in the Hub City. Tickets will go on sale this weekend, but there are all kinds of artist presales. If you want to lock tickets down early, we suggest using the code SEETHER2024 this Wednesday here. Both Seether and Skill

One More Time




Royale Lynn

Tuesday, October 8th

Lonestar Events Center

Tickets on sale this Friday.


Some of you rockers may not be familiar with Royale Lynn. She is kind of country/metal and has a new song out with Danny Wornsnip (you can find that below), but thE first song probably will give you a better idea of what's up:

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