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I'm going to operate under the assumption that our city officials were just unaware of how dilapidated our parks have become. Equipment intended for our children is broken, worn down, and frankly, unsafe and unfit for our kids. Why am I paying taxes again?

I've witnessed poor park quality myself. At Charles A. Guy Park on 86th & Memphis, I noticed the playground floor had enormous holes in it, creating a tripping hazard for children. I did see workers at the park a couple of weeks later, so perhaps this has since been fixed.

However, photos from Dr. Armando Duran Park on 28th and Kewanee prove that maybe just the south side of town is getting those repairs. My friend took the photos in frustration after he reported the unsafe conditions to 3-1-1 multiple times with no results.

AJ Burkett
AJ Burkett

Vandalism happens, and I understand the city not coming out every single time to wipe off graffiti. But the busted plastic in the equipment is dangerous. Even if the jagged edge isn't sharp, a child could mistake the "window" and fall through.

After a year of being cooped up inside, our children deserve the chance to explore, play and make friends in a relatively less risky outside environment. And while my child is no longer small, I remember thanking my lucky stars that she had quality playground equipment around in which to exercise and burn off some of that energy.

We live in a time when lifestyles only get more sedentary, which is horrible for both our physical health and mental well-being. The children of Lubbock deserve spaces that will allow them to get much-needed exercise.

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