Have you been getting calls from weird numbers or even answered a 'robo-call' from a political 'poll' company or candidate? It's funny how they can do this despite those of us who signed up to be on "do not call" lists.  More after the jump.

You would think that politicians and political causes would recognize that if we're on one list, we don't want to sign up for another.  There IS a national political "do not call list", but even then, participation is not mandatory. You see lawmakers are so egotistical that they believe even though the American people forced the idea of a national 'do not call' list, that you would still want to hear from them.  Here's a clue for you Washington assbags....WE DON"T WANT YOU TO CALL.  Trust me, if I don't hang up on you immediately, the only reason I would hang around to find out who the caller is, is to find out who to vote  AGAINST in the next election.


I encourage all of you to vote against the clown shoes wearing politicians who think that rules don't apply to them.  It's time to stand up against these giant egos.  These are people who think they know you better than you know yourself.  Here's a little analogy for you.  I love Jamie Pressly.  She has always just "done it" for me.  Now, imagine I'm taking a dump (don't imagine too hard).  Doe's the fact that I love Jamie Pressly trump the fact that I like privacy when I'm in the bathroom?  NO, so if I'm doing my private business,  should Jamie walk right in?  No.   Celebrity, politician or salesmen, no one should be able to  decide when I can or cannot be interrupted.

Vote...against those who use telemarketing!

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