It would be difficult to overstate how important Obituary is to the death metal genre. Founded in 1984 as Executioner, Obiturary's riffs, heavy drums, and aggressive, growling vocals set the foundation for many metal acts to build upon.

Just look at their record labels past and preset- Roadrunner, Relapse, Candlelight. It speaks to innovative and unshakable metal prowess.

Obituary, fresh off their 2024 tour with Amon Amarth and Cannibal Corpse, is bringing their signature sound to Lubbock at Jake's Backroom (5025 50th St A) on Thursday, May 30th with support from Frozen Soul and Dread. Tickets are available at Ralph's Records at 82nd & Indiana or online.

Tickets may be available at the door but will likely cost more, so I highly advise purchasing them in advance.

Obituary's saw a rise to metal prominence and popularity in part thanks to MTV's Headbanger's Ball, a metal tastemaker during the 1990s. The video for The End Complete rotated heavily on the show:

Metal is best when experienced live- I love to feel the pounding of the drums and the wailing of the guitar. Lubbock's Jake's Backroom is a great venue for enjoying metal in an intimate setting- the sound is top-notch and the vibes are just right for a night of heavy rock/ metal.

2024 has been a great concert/ show season for rock and metal fans this year. From Nekrogoblicon earlier this month to The Toadies this August, nearly every week presents an opportunity to see a great band at Jake's Backroom. I'd like to thank everyone who has attended any of these shows- because each ticket sold helps ensure that more bands will be booked in the future.

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