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Landlords are not the world's most popular people, especially during a pandemic that has cost many people their jobs, forced them to take furloughs or otherwise cut their income. I believe this song from the Dead Kennedys has probably gotten a few extra spins this year.

Personally, I lost my second job hosting movies at a local theater, and with much fewer events, my paycheck has taken a beating for months. I'm not complaining; it is what it is. I'm very grateful I can still pay my rent. And the reason I can still pay my rent is that I live in Lubbock and my landlord isn't completely delusional.

So when a landlord (who I will not name because they already got dragged) posted this, umm, house I guess, in a Lubbock sales group for a whopping $700 a month, native Lubbockites started cracking some jokes.

screencapture from Facebook
via Facebook

"Is this the house or where u keep the lawnmower!?"

"700!! Is this in Midland?"

"Is this an example of someone from California moving to Texas?"

"landlords are hilarious"

Okay, the last one was me. To be fair, the rent includes all bills paid, but even then, it's really quite steep for anywhere in Lubbock unless you plan on being in a hot shower, 24/7.

Judging by the zip code, it isn't even near Texas Tech campus, which would perhaps be the one place you could get away with charging $700 a month for what appears to be a stucco-ed storage shed. By the way, to my dear friends that are here recently from the Metroplex: quit paying Metroplex prices for Lubbock houses. You can and should do better, because it makes landlords think they can get away with this.

The landlord didn't make anything easier on themselves when they chimed in by saying the property has a new kitchen window. Are kitchen windows usually extra? Reminds me of the backhouse I lived in that had BB gun bullet holes in the bathroom window.

I paid $400 for that one bed/one bath and it even came with a creepy basement. I never thought I'd look back on that dump and think I got a deal on it, but here we are.

If you're going to have the stones to ask $700 for a glorified child's playhouse, the least you can do is take some decent pictures. I can see water damage, and I can see it's cooled by a window unit, meaning that electricity they are so generous paying is probably well under $100 a month. I shudder to think what the inside looks like.

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