You just know when someone offers something for free, there are those who will take advantage of the situation, and those who will inevitably complain about it.  You'll notice which side I am on in due course.

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Yesterday, my wife mentioned that the hyper-popular and amazing Dutch Bros was offering a "free mug" to anyone who bought a large drink, while supplies last (remember that detail). So, being the nice guy that I am (citation needed), I went yesterday to grab a drink, and a mug for my wife. One. Singular.  As I got to the window, I saw one person alone in a car, getting at least 6 drinks (ostensibly for her co-workers), and then got handed SIX free mugs. SERIOUSLY?  I thought to myself, "I'm glad I got here early". I got my drink, and ONE mug, and was on my way. As I drove off, I thought that there were going to be a LOT of disappointed people who we're going to miss out. Looking at social media, I was right on the money.

Screenshot: Facebook-Dutch Bros Coffee
Screenshot: Facebook-Dutch Bros Coffee

I thought the single lady in front of me with 6 bottles was a lot, but THIRTY FREAKING FOUR? That's insane. No wonder some locations were out of mugs by 9am.  What's worse, are the people who are justifying that behavior in the comments, essentially saying "Suck it up, buttercup", and "You snooze, you lose". Those people are probably the ones who grabbed 15-20 bottles for "friends".  The fact is, this could have been a great idea, if there had been one small caveat.

"ONE BOTTLE PER CUSTOMER" "not "One bottle per drink". I hate to think about how many people bought drinks, and then simply tossed them out because all they wanted were the water bottles to hoard or give out as Christmas gifts.

Just last week, I wrote how people in Lubbock seemed to be acting more and more like entitled jerks, and this more or less proved my point.

So , yeah, every time someone comes up with a fun idea, there will be those who ruin it for the rest of us, and create a lot of negative goodwill. Unfortunately, there will be those who resent Dutch Bros for being ill-prepared, but it's not Dutch Bos fault. It's the fault of greedy, self-important Karen's who just want to abuse the system.  But yes, next time Dutch Bros needs to put a little more advance thought into the rules, and consider that people are generally a$$holes.

Don't be a jerk.

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