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Any city that has a Dutch Bros is absolutely obsessed, especially here in Texas. Whether it’s where you grab your daily coffee, or your go-to for a refreshing treat, they make delicious drinks that are hard not to love.

Along with the yummy drinks, the workers there are known for their extremely happy and outgoing service. So much so, that many people joke that the baristas practically climb into your car with you while taking your order. Despite the jokes that can be made about it, the service is always great and you’re sure to leave with a smile.

One of the only big downsides of Dutch is how massive their menu is. Not only are there dozens of drinks to pick from on their official menu, but you can customize any existing drink, or make up your own. Thankfully, the workers are always happy to help you find something you would like, but if you’re too nervous to ask or just want to be prepared with what you want before ordering, you have to check out this TikTok account.

Adrianna is a Dutch Bros barista in Waco, Texas, and she is on a mission to share some of the best drinks they have so you can find something you’ll like. From coffee to Rebels, and everything in between, she has several videos suggesting a variety of drink you can get at your local Dutch.

Keep scrolling to check out some of Adrianna’s videos here, or head over to her TikTok page to watch all of the ones she’s posted.

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