I grew up trick-or-treating in Lubbock and there were always crazy rumors that the fancy Lakeridge neighborhood actually gave away full-sized candy bars instead of those little mini ones.

We would all plan our Halloween festivities around going all the way over to Lakeridge from the Rush district on the off chance we were missing out on something rad. I learned the hard way that that wasn't at all true. In fact, I found that the less well-off neighborhoods in Lubbock were just as generous with their candy as the people in big fancy houses.

There was really no correlation between how much people love making kids happy and how much money they had. It didn't matter what area you went trick-or-treating in. Every neighborhood was fun and welcoming as long as their porch lights were on.

There's nothing wrong with hitting up different places with your kids for candy. It's something lots of parents do, especially people that live in more rural areas in West Texas. But don't forget about your poor neighbors...like me. I love to hook the kids up with all of the candy I can afford. The elderly community also loves to see kids dressed up in costumes, so if you have a chance to stop by a local nursing home, they would probably love to compliment your little princess and your Spiderman.

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The expectation for richer people to give you bigger candy bars can almost be compared to the idea that wealthy business owners will also pay their employees more, or be more giving with their money and time. We all know that isn't quite how it always works out.

The moral of the story? It doesn't matter what neighborhood you live in when it comes to your kids going out to trick-or-treat, and there's no need to go out of your way to hunt down something that probably doesn't really exist. Or maybe it does and I just always picked the wrong houses.

And the rumor continues...Psst! Lakeridge. Y'all got them big ones or what?

Oh, and here's a bonus photo of me staring at someone else's Halloween treats.

Photo credit goes to my folks.
Photo credit goes to my folks

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