Did you know Lubbock has its own flag?

The City of Lubbock's Flag Was Rediscovered on Twitter

The RockShow recently joined Twitter to post headlines, bad horoscopes and some other weird stuff. As part of that, I've frequently been searching the #lubbock hashtag.  Probably the most interesting thing I came across was from Adam K. McHam, who somehow stumbled across the Lubbock flag. And with that, let's jump into this.

The History of the Lubbock Flag

Yes, the "Lubbock flag" is very much a real thing, and there are a lot of variations of the design out there.

The Women’s Club of Lubbock held a flag design contest in 1970. The winning entry was designed by the city planning department staff. It featured a red, white and blue field with the city seal in the center.

Various versions of this story appear on various flag sites, with this one popping up on Flagpoleset.com. There's a little deeper story at Crwflags.com.

But Wait, There's Controversy!

You may have seen a flag that says "Legendary Lubbock" on it. That flag was never made "official" and it was determined that it was more of a logo than a flag. The concept was kind of dumb, too. Apparently, it was named one of the worst flags by people who rate flags.

"What you draw or see on a piece of paper in front of you is not necessarily going to work well on a piece of fabric 200 feet away while it's moving - and when you may be seeing it from the back."-Ted Kaye

So What Does It All Mean?

The lines radiating out from our location mean we're the "hub" of the area, and 1909 is when we were founded.

It's a Very Lazy Flag

C'mon, this flag is lame. It's the Texas flag with a kind of city seal slightly to the right of where the star usually is. It looks like it was designed inside an unlit cabin by somebody with a feather for a pen. It has all the look of someone saying, "oh heck, I gotta turn a flag design in tomorrow."

Should It Be Updated?

The fascination people have had with flags over the past few years is mind-boggling to me. Cities don't really need flags and we don't need the confusion. I'm good with Ol' Glory and the state flags; they're more than enough.

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