Volto DeNiro will be playing their first-ever Lubbock show at The Spoon on Saturday night November 27th from 10 pm until 1 am, giving you the perfect excuse to slip away from your weird inlaws and get out to enjoy some awesome music and a couple of beers.

Volto Deniro
Volto Deniro

Members of the band (Josh Lawson, Cody Springer, Rob Essery, and Steven Ellis) have all been playing music for as long as they can remember. All of them have performed in town either individually and with other bands, but never all together like they will be Saturday. They are driving in from all over West Texas just for this show, which makes Saturday night extra special. You can expect to hear some really incredible covers from The Black Keys, ZZ Top, Nirvana, The Rolling Stones, Sublime, Queens Of The Stoneage, and even some Bowie. Hell, they might even throw a little country in there too.

I had the opportunity to watch them rehearse a few weeks ago and I was absolutely stunned at just how great they were. I'd say they play better covers than anyone I have ever heard locally, and it's certainly something you won't want to miss. Maybe they will even play some originals.

Come out and support them and maybe they will grace us with their presence more often. I'll be there with bells on, and if you are lucky, I might even buy you a drink! Better yet, if I'M lucky, you'll buy me one too! Let's ditch the family and rock out with these cool dudes Saturday night!

Volto DeNiro

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