We HAVE to do better.

Image by André SAAD from Pixabay
Image by André SAAD from Pixabay

The Problem

KCBD reported on "Adopt A Shelter Pet Day" and it was revealed that Lubbock Animal Services currently has 350 dogs and 50 cats available for adoption. I don't know how this figure differs from whatever the best of times for them, but 350 dogs is just an insane amount of pets looking forever homes.

Don't Shop, Adopt

I don't know if the slogan above will work with you, because I've always found that people who want a very specific breed can't be reasoned with. I don't understand breeders or the people who buy from them either. It quite often seems to me that the people who buy from breeders are just looking to become breeders themselves, and thus perpetuate the cycle.

The Solution

The solution is simple, get your animals fixed.  No amount of wishing or hoping can keep your animal from having a litter. Even if you find a way to keep your animal away from others, you're going to have a miserable, confused animal when they go into heat.

You Need A Friend

I'm going to circle back around to the idea of "Don't Shop, Adopt". Having an animal with papers is ridiculous (and expensive). Go get a dog that will be grateful and a friend for life, then buy an expensive watch or something to show off to your friends. We cannot encourage breeding when we have so many pups in lockdown.

You Can Help

Some of you are already at your limit for pets. I understand. I also know "if you were rich" you'd do more for animals. Well, maybe you can do some smaller things to help out. You can spend time with shelter dogs, or make donations to help with their care. You can help reunite pets with their owners and so much more. Lubbock could get a handle on this stray pet situation, we just have to dedicate ourselves to getting it done.

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