When I was growing up I would spend every Summer in Texas with my Mema and Papa and Papa would tell me all about Texas, so when I would return home and go to school I would do reports and such on Texas.

It's funny because I know more about Texas history than I do about my home state of Iowa.

I remember Papa telling me about how"Everything Is Bigger In Texas" including how much Texans love their state. Papa told me he remembers people that weren't from Texas poking fun at Texans when Alaska became a state in 1959 because Texas wasn't the biggest state anymore.

My Papa loved Texas and was very proud to be from Texas because he said there isn't any state that is as cool as the state of Texas.

My favorite quote from Papa was when he said, just look at the people that get tattoo's of Texas, do you see people from other states tattooing their state flags?

I do have a Texas flag tattoo on my shoulder and I do have Iowa tattooed across my shoulders because I am from Iowa but still ain't nothing like the state of Texas.


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