I was not looking to write a tribute to booty when I thought of this; I was just thinking old-school Lubbock. There was a time when strip clubs were allowed in the city.

Rick's Cabaret
Rick's Cabaret

I guess it's a 'Lubbock way of thinking' that if you kick something out past the county line, you don't have to deal with it anymore. It's amazingly ignorant to believe that in the time of CARS that a trip down the Interstate would keep anybody from doing anything they want, or from bringing anything they want into or out of the Hub City. In fact, it's such not a big deal, that hardly anyone notices it's banned in city limits now.

I remember two famous strip clubs that used to be in the city. The first was called The Cheyenne Social Club. It was named after a famous Western where some cowboys accidentally inherit a cathouse and try to figure out what to do with it.  After that, for many years there was Players at 35th and Avenue Q.

Now, I'm not smart enough to go through city code; I'm just pretty sure that strip clubs were banned. This resulted in strip clubs moving out past city limits and becoming all nude clubs that could stay open almost all night. You see what you did there, Lubbock? You tried to put adult entertainment out of business, and you only expanded its reach.

Believe it or not, Players had some of the best food in town and was always a high performer in health inspections. It was a fun place and, on many occasions, the dancers actually were secondary to the party going on.

I do believe the ban on adult entertainment has cost Lubbock money in tourism and recruiting. Sorry, moms and dads and wives -- men want to see out-of-town boobies when they visit a new place.

To these visitors, I'd say just Uber it to Jaguar's. They do a fine job of keeping the spirits of Players and The Cheyenne Social Club alive.


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