Let's play a game of keeping it real. How about I lie to my to my friends and you can lie to your friends but lets not lie to each other. If you you had the chance to take a photo with President Obama, would you take it?

To answer that question, it's a YES! and not only would you take the photo but you would show all of your friends and create brand new accounts on top of your existing social media accounts just to show this picture off with the President.

Now of course after the picture was taken you totally would start to mouth about him how you don't like him or whatever but I can promise that the President along with his security are no where near you after the photo is taken.

It just amazes me how a simple picture of The President and someone very close to FMX turned into this huge political post where you can check it out here to see the comments. And to all of those people that were so negative I say to you, If you had the chance to take a photo with President Obama even after you made those comments, what would you do.

You would take your phone out and snap a photo with President Obama.