Before working in radio, I loved going to karaoke and (poorly) belting out my favorite songs. I'm probably the only person in the history of the world to perform "Rock N Roll Suicide" that many nights -- David Bowie included.

However, I had to stop going for one reason in particular. Most poppin' karaoke bars are saturated in smoke, which makes my hangover 10 times worse and absolutely destroys my voice the next day. I'm not knocking smokers; it just really adds up over a whole night of drinks.

Luckily, Downtown Social LBK (1711 Texas Avenue) is bringing a karaoke event on Thursdays that are inherently smoke-free. (The bar is actually always smoke-free, with the exception of their outdoor patio). This karaoke comes with a twist, too: you can be gonged off the stage if your performance is sub-par:

Think you can sing? Do you have what it takes to beat the GONG?! Every Thursday night is Gong Karaoke. Our host will be able to Gong you if you are not worthy of the mic. Crowd influence will help you stay or be gonged so bring all your friends for support.

But don't let that discourage you- "If you are unlucky and get the GONG you will receive a complimentary drink on us!"

Additionally, the night is full of drink specials, including: $3 Domestics, Wells, Fireballs, Lemon Drops, and $5 Sake Bombs.

For more information, or to invite your friends, head over to the Facebook event page. 

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