Good afternoon my faithful Co-Pilots! Listen up, as I was driving into work today I noticed this huge difference in gas prices at various stations around town.

So I said to myself.... self, since you can't set the gas prices for your listeners; how about you start doing a blog and telling them where they can find the cheapest gas in the Hub City.

And right then and there "Driving With Driver" was born.

So, here it goes folks: DayOne

Cheapest gas I saw in my outings today....

There were 2 places that had regular unleaded for $3.55, one is the station at 50th and Ave. U and the other is at West Loop 289 and Marsha Sharp Fwy (hint northwest corner)

Most expensive place I saw was a station at 82nd and Indiana, they were $3.65

I saw several stations selling for between these 2 prices.

Keep in mind this was earlier today so the prices could have gone up or down.

Be safe out there guys!