Are you ready to rock this summer?

FMX fans are a special breed, they live and breathe music. We know this and we take it very seriously. This devotion to music leads us to ask one question, "Are you ready for summer"?  Seriously, are you ready for those warm summer nights, windows down, blaring FMX and your favorite tunes across the Hub City?

You spend so much time in your car, you can't have lame tunes! Even your okay system probably is due for a much needed overhaul/upgrade. This is why we've teamed with Driver's Edge, our personal choice for car audio. We've used them for repairs, new units, upgrades and everything else (I personally upgraded two systems their last year).

Here's How to Enter if You Want to Win Big From Driver's Edge!

So how about we get you ready for summer with a $1500 car stereo and install? That's a heck of a system and it will surely upgrade your listening experience. We have a chance for you to win a system right before summer starts so it's in your ride and ready to rock.

Fill out the form above to enter for your chance to win! We will draw on or about June 6th, 2024 and contact the winners immediately

Good luck!

Get Your Ride Right at Driver's Edge

If you can't wait, or you want to salivate on all of the goodies that Driver's Edge has, then visit their location at 227 Avenue Q, because it truly is paradise for car stereo enthusiasts. They are friendly folks who can help you get your ride right no matter what your budget is.

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