The Edna Independent School District in southeast Texas has purchased several ballistic vests they hope could save someone’s life during a school shooting.

Edna ISD is only two hours away from the Santa Fe school district just outside Houston, the same place where eight students and two teachers were gunned down by a 17-year-old student back in May 2018. It was the second deadliest high school shooting in the U.S., right after the Stoneman Douglas shooting in February 2018 that claimed the lives of 17 and injured 17 more.

School officials at Edna ISD aren’t taking any chances with school security. The school just purchased more than a dozen ballistic vests from a company called Unequal, that are designed to stop bullets from handguns, shotguns, and even stabbings.

KAMC News reports that the vests are expected to be worn by school employees who opt into the guardian program, established in 2015, that gives employees professional training and allows them to conceal carry on campus. Most schools that participate in the guardian program have an undisclosed number of trained staff.

Unequal sells their bulletproof vests for $500, but schools see the discount price of $350. The company also sell backpack inserts, which Edna ISD is currently eyeing, that could turn a student’s backpack into a bulletproof shield if necessary. Those costs $150, but only $99 for school districts.

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