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I love the amazing art of Erika Jane America. Erika happens to be a self-taught artist, and has a unique and fun style that reflects that. Erika is originally from Lubbock and it shows in her pieces, from the "Furr's Lady" to other iconic Lubbockites, including Buddy Holly, of course.

Erika has since relocated to the Austin area, as most Lubbock art types tend to do. But her work still has that West Texas warmth and ever so slightly sarcastic attitude. For example, the famous Lubbock Furr's lady, with her hair teased as close to Jesus as possible, is entitled "Walcome", because here in Lubbock...well, that's how it's pronounced.

She's even painted your favorite DJ! I commissioned this piece ages ago. Yes, that's me, Renee Raven, as the legendary Dolly Parton.

Erika Jane America
Erika Jane America

Erika has her own website with tons of awesome prints and other fun merch that is adorned with images of Texas. Here are just a few examples.

The Art of Erika Jane America


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