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Señor Chubby's Mexican Bar & Grill is set to open in the former location of Gorditos at 3410 98th.

Gorditos closed down in February 2019, writing a short note to patrons on their Facebook page, writing in part: "We appreciate all the loyal customers we have had through out the years."

Not much is know about Señor Chubby's yet, but I do know from their website that they'll have breakfast burritos. That will be absolutely magical as this area feels deficient in that department. (Source: I live and work in this area and would love a place to get a great breakfast burrito.) Market Street is great, but also extremely popular, so sometimes I can't budget the time for it.

Here are their breakfast specials. My mouth is watering:

  • Chubby's Burrito (carne asada, potatoes and scrambled eggs with naked stuffed chile relleno)

  • El Jefazo Burrito (beef fajitas with onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, scrambled eggs and cheese)

  • Dama Fuerte Burrito (Chile Colorado, potatoes and scrambled eggs)

  • Gringo Plate (two scrambled eggs and a choice of two pieces of meat)

  • Huevos Rancheros (two fried eggs with ranchero sauce and two pieces of bacon with a side of refried beans)

  • Migas Plate (scrambled eggs with a fried corn tortilla served with papas rancheras and refried beans)

  • Pancake Plate (two pancakes, two scrambled egg and two pieces of meat)

  • El Frances (two French toast, bacon and scrambled eggs served with fresh fruit)

Sounds like you'll be able to cure even the hairiest of hangovers here.

Señor Chubby's will also feature lunch specials, dinner entrees and will have a full-service bar.

So when will we get our Señor Chubby's? According to our friends at Lubbock in the Loop, they're aiming to open this August.

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