If you think we already have extreme weather in Texas, get ready. Scientists believe it's only going to get worse. Intense thunderstorms, tornadoes, widespread flooding, and crazy tropical storms will very likely become the new norm in Texas due to climate change.

State climatologist John Nielsen-Gammon noticed this year is much more erratic than in the past few. The extreme rainfall North and East Texas have experienced compared to the severe drought in other portions of the state is cause for alarm. Ongoing droughts have sent water levels in reservoirs like Amistad, Falcon, and Rio Grande to historic lows. They've also led to a huge influx in wildfires. At the same time, cities like Denton have been drowning.

Half of Texas is too wet and the other half is too dry.

It's a problem.

I think most of us understand that climate change is a real thing, but if you're still unsure about it, some excellent graphs were published by the National Weather Service that put it all in perspective. Click here to check them out.

We could certainly use some rain in West Texas, but I won't hold my breath. Hopefully, we'll get a couple of good storms this summer to help us out a little. We shall see.

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