Former Texas Tech University quarterback Patrick Mahomes II is probably spending no time fretting over the latest troll to tag the NFL player in a Twitter post.

O.J. Simpson recently created a Twitter account and made it clear that he will be airing his own grievances and thoughts about all things juicy, including his alleged affair with Kris Jenner.

On Tuesday, the man best known for being charged and acquitted for murdering his ex-wife and her friend tweeted about his fantasy football picks. He stated that Mahomes was his "clear #1," but has decided to consider others, including Baker Mayfield, another former Texas Tech quarterback.

Simpson's reason for not choosing Mahomes for his top pick is apparently because of the "up in the air" status of another Kansas City Chiefs player, Tyreek Hill. Hill is currently suspended by the team after reports of battery and child abuse and neglect, which makes total sense that he would be someone Simpson is considering since the fallen athlete apparently has a fondness for violent football players.

I'm sure Mahomes isn't wasting any time crying into his cornflakes over the news that he won't be leading the O.J. Simpson Fantasy Football team, but maybe he could use a few tips on how to be a super-popular alleged murderer and convicted felon in case the football career doesn't work out.

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