Falling in Reverse frontman Ronnie Radke is living up to his "Popular Monster" persona by threatening death to a stalker who showed up at the rocker's house over the weekend.

Telling fans about the situation on Twitter, Radke shared two photos that appear to show police officers in the process of apprehending the intruder. As indicated by the Falling in Reverse singer in the update from Sunday (Nov. 8), the stalker trespassed on Radke's property and came up to his door.

See the tweet down toward the bottom of this post.

What the unwelcome visitor may not have anticipated, however, was the musician's seething rage at such a violation. Judging by Radke's tweet, it also appears that the Falling in Reverse bandleader may have engaged in a physical altercation with the intruder before law enforcement officers arrived.

"A stalker had the audacity to come to my door, got his ass handed to him until police arrived and saved the day," Radke said. "I will fucking kill you. Please don't make me kill you."

Telegraphing the incident online, an earlier tweet on the musician's Twitter feed from Sunday posits that Radke is "absolutely positively the wrong person to back into a corner."

Radke clearly isn't the type of person to take such an invasion of privacy lying down.

In other Falling in Reverse developments, Radke has also told his Twitter followers that the group will "see y'all on tour in 2 months" now that the "elections [are] over." The band had just wrapped up their Drug in Me Is Gold Tour before guitarist Derek Jones died in April at the age of 35.

Twitter: @RonnieRadke
Twitter: @RonnieRadke

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