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Texas Tech ran an otherwise normal play at a weird time over the weekend.

Texas Tech attempted a 37-yard field goal on a 2nd and 4 during Saturday's game against TCU and missed. Apparently, the thought was, let's quickly score and hopefully get the ball back into time for a chance at another score. This sure seems bass-akwards to a lot of people, but who knows how they would feel if it had worked.

The Texas Tech play calling reminded me of Lubbock drivers. I always told my daughter, and then granddaughter, to expect the person in front of you to do the most insane thing possible. And so goes it for Texas Tech.

This got me to thinking: what could Texas Tech football do to really surprise us at this point? Well, I have some suggestions, but I'm going to let you ultimately decided what completely unexpected thing may happen on the field next. Have fun, and vote!

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