It's game week in Lubbock, Texas. Fans and alumni, including former Texas Tech football players, are getting ready for the first home game at Jones AT&T Stadium.

Jah'shawn Johnson is no exception to this rule. He took to Twitter, posting, 'In Honor of game week!! Can't wait to be in Lubbock this weekend watching the Red Raiders! #ProtectTheJones', with an inspirational video.

We can't wait to see you in Lubbock, Jah'shawn!

On Saturday, August 24th, Texas Tech Football also posted to Twitter, 'It’s Ŧime to come home," with another video which has already been viewed nearly 90,000 times.

If you aren't a fan of Texas Tech Red Raider Football, it might be a tough season to endure in Lubbock with all of the hype surrounding the new coach and squad. But for those of us who bleed red and black, we cannot wait to watch the team Wreck 'Em!

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