The subject of a potential Pantera reunion came up frequently in recent years, with Vinnie Paul often dismissing the idea of continuing the band minus his brother. With Paul now deceased as well, Filter's Richard Patrick has expressed his desire to see the band's two living members -- Philip Anselmo and Rex Brown -- find a way to revisit the music of their onetime group.

In a social media posting, Patrick states frankly, "It would be a crime against music to not put Pantera back together with trusted friends of Vinnie Paul and Dimebag," suggesting Zakk Wylde and Ray Luzier as possibilities to step in.

The singer adds that he realizes he may be "stepping in it" with such a statement, but he adds, "Please, for the love of music, know how much I loved Vinnie and Darrell!! I know it's right after Vinnie's death ... I will take the heat. I understand I look insensitive, but for God sakes, please bring Pantera back to us so we can celebrate the true memory of Vinnie and Darrell as well as see the absolute, mind blowing living legends Phil and Rex!! Search your feelings! You know I'm right!!"

Patrick shares his love for Anselmo in his statement, calling him "the greatest singer in metal" and "the sweetest dude ever," and sharing how he was first turned onto Pantera by Trent Reznor playing him Vulgar Display of Power. See his full statement on the matter in the posting below.

Paul passed away on June 22 at the age of 54. An official cause of death has not been revealed by the coroner.

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