Richard Patrick keeps giving fans taste after taste of the new material he's made with his band Filter, including a listen at the first single off the latest album set to be released in early June.

The single will join radio playlists in early May, a month prior to the release of the album "The Sun Comes Out Tonight".

As you would expect, this new Filter stuff is edgy, gritty, loud and churning. Richard Patrick has no problem with taking the reins and fully speaking his mind.

"This new album is so much angrier than our last one. I'm continuing to raise my voice, and I don't care if I piss my fans off doing it..."

Of course, Patrick feels the album is definitely deserving of any high praise, stating "I think they [the fans] will like it."

Starting today, pre-order the new record "The Sun Comes Out Tonight."

Hey, what do you say...check it out.

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