Filter mastermind Richard Patrick recently advanced an explanation for the postponement of his band's planned 20th anniversary tour celebrating 1999's Title of Record, calling the situation a "snafu."

It was first determined two weeks ago that Filter's fall North American trek would have to be rescheduled. In a statement, Patrick's management cited "scheduling conflicts and deadlines" related to the musician's film scoring work. Last week, surrounding the band's Oct. 26 performance at Oklahoma City's Kattfest, the frontman himself offered further details of the postponement. Watch the interview toward the bottom of this page.

"Well, I have new managers, and they had a little scheduling issue with some of my scoring work," Patrick told Rock 100.5 the KATT. "And between my scoring work and the touring, I have to kind of err on the side of doing the scores because there's way more people that are dependent on that than on the touring side. Touring is a wonderful thing, but I've been touring for 30 years, and I have this new kind of scenario with scoring."

He continued, "The latest movie that I'm doing … it stars Ryan Phillippe. It's directed by Brian Skiba. Their film needs to be finished very soon, so I'm just kind of, like, 'Darn.' It's a priority, and it's just because my managers on the band, the music side are brand new. And I think they weren't aware of that conflict, even though I had hoped that they would understand. So it's one of those things. It's a snafu."

The concerts were set to kick off this month in Las Vegas and cover much of the U.S. over the ensuing five weeks. Although the vast majority of associated dates were scrubbed from Filter's website, the "Title of Record 20th Anniversary Tour" gig for Nov. 27 in Los Angeles is still listed.

Earlier this year, a planned reunion among Patrick and his original Filter Short Bus partner Brian Liesegang was scrapped. Around the same time, Patrick revealed a new Filter album entitled They Got Us Right Where They Want Us, at Each Other's Throats was coming soon.

Filter Talk to Rock 100.5 the KATT - Oct. 26, 2019

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