Of course Alabama and Oregon are the top two teams in the first Harris Poll, but where does Texas Tech stack up? Click through and find out.

Surprisingly, the Harris Poll featured Tech at the 15th spot after this weekend's ugly win over Iowa State. Georgia has the 15th spot in the AP Poll with Tech right behind in 16th.

The points systems of all these polls is very different, as in the Harris, Tech has 1,070 points, but in the AP Poll, Tech has 590. Another noteworthy poll is the USA Today Poll which also has Tech up at 15 ahead of Georgia. Texas Tech will look to further improve its ranking this weekend against upset-hungry West Virginia in Morgantown.

It's not just all about Texas Tech, however. Both the Harris and the USA Today Poll have a top team vote for Clemson as well. Clemson is ranked 3rd in the Harris ahead of Ohio State, the only poll to have Clemson third.

At the end of the day, we're all still awaiting the BCS standings, which will overall be the main judge of how the postseason shapes up for bowl contending teams.