We have an FMX listener we love dearly who, on nearly every post we make on the FMX Facebook page, comments: "Play some Iron Maiden." Now, Art Villarreal can play some Iron Maiden whenever he pleases at Flipper's Tavern, located at 1406 Ave Q.

via Flippers Tavern

For those of you who are real pinball nerds, here are all the details on the machine:

 ‘Legacy of the Beast’ stars the band’s mascot ‘Eddie’ as he fights ‘The Beast’ and his minions through various game levels. The artwork, done by rock poster artist Jeremy Packer (a.k.a. Zombie Yeti), makes the cabinet and playfield pop with color. Multiple reincarnations of “Eddie” as well as the beast are shown all over the playfield with an abundance of flames and lightning. Boasting a brand new playfield design, all models will have a Newton ball feature, four flippers (2 on upper playfield), metal ramps (not plastic), 3 spot drop target bank, 2 spinners, 3 pop bumpers and a captive ball mechanism.

Life is better with variety, so in addition to their movie-themed pinball machines, be sure to play Flipper's other two musical machines, Metallica and Aerosmith:

via Flipper's Tavern
via Flipper's Tavern

Go for the pinball, stay for the craft beers, specialty cocktails and delicious food.