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Everyone is breathing a collective sigh of relief now that school is out for the summer. Parents, kids, teachers, and anybody that has to drive through school zones to get to work when they are late are totally happy that class is out for the summer.

We asked 94.5 FMX listeners to share with us their most embarrassing moments at school and then we sat back and laughed with each other. Something that seems so trivial now was totally humiliating back then. Here are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

"I got detention cause the teacher's aid thought I was trying to make a toy T-Rex give me a BJ" - Adam Guerra

"I got called out by my teacher for not wearing a bra in front of my 7th-grade class" - Michelle Ward Doula

"First day in junior high in a new city and I forgot my lunch. After the first period, I exited the classroom to see my mother waving down the hallway with my lunch." - Ross Hamill

"My freshman year, I was walking with my food in the cafeteria and literally, like a scene in a movie, there was a wet spot on the floor and I slipped and my food went all over me and that day I was eating spaghetti." - Courtney Paige

"I had a teacher that called me to the front of the room read out of the textbook, which I absolutely hated because I am dyslexic. I went slow and took my time so I didn't mess up and embarrass myself. I sneezed really hard, which also made me fart really loud. Might have been a shart. Don't remember." - Wes Wicker

"In 8th grade, I sneezed and my fat thigh made a fart sound on the stupid wooden desk chair and the kid in front of me yelled OMG she farted!!" Kasey McBeath

"Wore a thong for the first time ever because we wore spandex for volleyball and was tired of getting made fun of for picking my wedgies all the time, it was too uncomfortable so I took it off after practice and had to go commando cause I, of course, didn’t think to bring any other underwear and my spandex were too sweaty to wear under my sweats. Soon as I stepped out of the bathroom best friend pantsed me in front of everyone during the passing period and I fell to the ground allowing everyone around to see my vag with freshly sprouted pubes I was so fond of finally growing. That shit was so cool." - Becca Day

Thanks for sharing your misfortune with us. Luckily, we all made it out of school alive. Have a wonderful summer!

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