We usually watch the opening episodes of "The Voice". We like to see the judges turn around and select their singers. After that time we usually loose interest. The Voice is interesting because it seems to be a little more about talent than...aw, who am I kidding here, I watch to see Christina Aguilar's boobs. More after the jump.

Christina Aguilar used to have the most mouth watering booty anywhere (anybody else remember that "Dirty" video?).  Since she's put on some mommy pounds she's shifted the emphasis to some massive mammaries.  I don't doubt that she had some work done, and for that, I say "yeah!"  I really like the concept of "why make your butt smaller, when you can make your boobs bigger?"  Anyways a promo for the show came on t.v. and I started thinking, "I bet some one has put together a video of some of her breast, uh, best bits.  I was pretty much correct.  Here's a whole video, but you'll just be starring at the bottom of the screen anyways.

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