Chad Bettis, former Monterey Plainsman and Texas Tech Red Raider, underwent surgery to remove a testicle on November 29.

According to Sports Illustrated, the surgery was to eliminate the threat of the testicular cancer Bettis was diagnosed with.

Bettis said in a statement that the cancer did not spread and he expects a full recovery. He also expects to be available when spring training starts in February.

"My understanding is that I will be physically ready to have a normal Spring Training," he said, adding: "And I greatly look forward to the upcoming season."

"The surgeon is very confident that the cancer was isolated and has not spread," Bettis said. "The Rockies and the MLBPA have been great, and I truly appreciate the care and support shown by [general manager] Jeff Bridich to both me and my family."

Bettis was 14–8 with a 4.79 ERA in 32 starts in 2016 and has a 23–19 career record in three seasons with the Rockies.

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